About Me


In the past years I have organized a number of festivities, and I remember well all the stress and swivet to plan and implement everything – besides your job – to everyone’s satisfaction.

And this made me think of offering my service:


Selling spare time and enjoy satisfied customers! 


On the basis of an intensive dialog and final agreement I will implement the ideas you have about your festivity. You can enjoy the spare time pleasantly anticipating the get-together and the conversation with your guests – deeply relaxed.

You will not even know something like “preparation stress”! And not to forget … you will save your nerves if unexpected trouble comes up – I shall manage everything from the background.

And this is what you can expect: a well-established network, extensive experience, enthusiasm with a tendency to perfection, organizing ability, assertiveness, and persuasiveness. Profit from my great deal of empathy and straightforwardness. Come to appreciate my hands-on mentality.

Because of my former life as financial accountant and treasurer I am not scared of figures – this will help avoiding trouble in regard to the budget – I will keep an eye on it at any time.



 Photograph: Ann Baker Photography

Makeup: Julia Götz, hair & make-up artist


Feel to be a guest at your own event! 


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