Feel Like a Guest at Your Own Event!

No matter whether it will be a 1- or a 5-Star event – I am pleased to support you in the individual planning and organization of your festivity:


1. Family Celebrations

        • Proposing
        • Baby Shower Party
        • Engagement
        • Baptism
        • Polternight (eve-of-the-wedding party)
        • Children’s Birthday Party
        • Wedding
        • Big Birthday Party
        • Wedding Anniversaries
        • Surprise parties
        • And many other events...




It will be the one and outstanding common experience for all the family and friends. Looking back you will remember a perfect celebration, merry and happy guests enjoying the pleasant surroundings. It will be unforgettable for you and your guests. Just make an appointment with us, and you will find:


The best thing about it is: You as the host will feel to be a guest at your own event!


 2. Company Events


No stress, no efforts for the time-consuming search for a location or for professional contractors. Organization and preparation of your event will be absolutely harmonious and relaxing.


We implement your dreams and ideas of a perfect event – in line with your budget. We will talk about the budget just once - very clearly and with no hidden cost. Based on our excellent relationships and networks we will coordinate all scheduling and achieve substantial discounts through skillful negotiations.

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