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Celebrate when you have the chance... Family Celebrations as well as Company Events

You would like to organize a celebration party and lack the time for preparation?
Nevertheless, you want to have high standards for you and your guests to have a celebration that leaves nothing to be desired and gives you fun and satisfaction?

No matter whether there are small parties or big family events to be organized – proposings, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, baptisms, first day at school celebrations, confirmation parties, big birthday celebrations, surprise parties, and many more – the preparation time exposure is always high. The support friends and family members can give is often limited, as they usually live far away or they are in a working process themselves. Furthermore, you as the host are often tied up in your workaday routine lacking the time and the nerves for the organization of a feast.

And this is where I come into play.

I prepare your celebration for you, do the organizational work, and – if you wish so – support you on the day itself. It will be your decision: just a consultation, an organization package, or a comprehensive carefree package!
Whatever you chose: the result will be that you enjoy your festivity in a relaxed way spending stress-free hours with your guests.

Renate Pitschmann